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Re:Legend Hits the Reset Button with this Major New Content Update 16.0

For those of you that have been following along on Re:Legend’s progress, a cooperative JRPG simulation game by Magnus Games, this will probably be the most important news and update of all! I’ve been playing the game since its release on Steam Early Access in late August and have been enjoying the quests, but it was taking me a bit of time to get accustomed to the controls and to play around with everything the game has to offer from farming, crafting, fishing, taming Magnus, and more!

In With the New, Out With the Old

With update 16.0 available now, it brings much needed bug fixes and a large overhaul of the multiplayer feature. It also brings brand new and exciting content with a side of very bad news for early players. So let’s get that bad news out of the way right now; everyone’s save files have been wiped and we’re all starting from scratch. This is what the developers had to say on that matter: “We understand the frustration of the save wipe, but with the full rework of many systems in the game, the old save files were hard to recover.”

The Everdust Desert

With that said, new players will probably have a much better experience with more polish and rework to the game, and interactive tutorials. In this new major content update, we’ll be getting new items, new recipes, new armor, new quests, new NPCs, and much more! The largest focus is on the new biome; The Everdust Desert. This whole new Desert biome will have more than 30 maps and quests to explore, and 30 new tamable Magnus too.

Season’s Greetings Magnus Tamers

As for festivals and events, we got a limited time pop-up island for Halloween, now we’ll be getting one for this holiday season as well. What we know so far is that we’ll be able to explore a frozen landscape with new Magnus, and old ones with a new festive look, as well as some seasonal decorations. We can see in the trailer above that the new festival may coincide with this new island event because, in Japan, lighting up floating lanterns and placing them in the water is celebrated during the fall and sometimes also during New Year’s to guide the spirits of their ancestors and ward off evil. Perhaps I’ll take part and say goodbye to my previous avatar.


I’d like to hear from you what you think about all of these changes for Re:Legend and if you’ll be playing during the holidays. The developers have mentioned that they have taken steps to safeguard save files for the future so it should be fine to fully dive into the game now! You can even get Re:Legend at 15% off here, as part of Steam’s Winter Sale.



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