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Rainy Season Lets You Enjoy A Rainy Day At Home

play as a child in Rainy Season and a spend a day at home while a storm is moving in.

If you are a fan of cuddling up at home when the clouds move in and the first rain drops hit your window, slowly dripping down, then this game might be for you.

Rainy Season is a game about a family planning to visit an amusement park but those plans are cancelled as stormy weather approaches, the family located somewhere in rural Japan instead spends the day at home.

The coziest day in your life

You play as a child and experience a day at home while listening to the rain, the wind and your family going about their day. Interact with family members and other objects inside the home, or simply sit by the window and enjoy the view and sounds.

You may interact with family members or look around at memorabilia to uncover secrets. The way you play and enjoy this game is always your choice.

Take a look at the trailer, relax and enjoy the sounds and visuals of this amazingly relaxing indie title.

Rainy Season Release Date

The game is not available just yet but you can already wishlist it on Steam. If you wish you can also follower the developer on Twitter.

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