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Pups & Purrs Animal Hospital Coming To Nintendo Switch

svgMar 4, 2021NewsRiver

Aksys Games, publisher of Little Dragons Cafe, is bringing a new animal care game to the Switch.

At the recent New Game+ Expo, Asksys Games announced that they will be bringing the adorable pet care game Pups & Purrs Animal Hospital to the Nintendo Switch. Aksys Games is also involved with some other super cute games on the Switch, like Waku Waku Sweets and Pretty Princess Party. So it is safe to say that they know what they are doing when it comes to picking the right games for the right consoles.

About Pups & Purrs Animal Hospital

As you could pretty well guess, the title says it all. You will be tasked with running your very own animal hospital, full of adorable creatures that need your tender love and care to get back to their normal and joyous selves.

You will be able to use motion controls for some of the care, like bathing and petting. The game also boasts some charmingly bubbly graphics that just makes every creature look that much more glamorous.

Aksys Games announced that Pups & Purrs Animal Hospital will release this summer. They also released a little teaser trailer to give players a closer look at the upcoming game.


Pups & Purrs Animal Hospital Trailer

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    Pups & Purrs Animal Hospital Coming To Nintendo Switch