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PuffPals: Island Skies is a Fluffy Ball of Fluff Sim on Kickstarter Now

Farm, Adventure, and Customize

PuffPals: Island Skies is indeed fluffy and puffy! This farming simulation game is all about living your best life on magical floating islands. Like Garden Paws, your neighbours are talking animals that you can’t help but get to know better. Interacting with them is definitely an option, but you’ll also be able do quests and play mini-games with them.

You can create and design your own farm and plant various flowers, trees, and crops. When some of your crops are ready to harvest, they come to life and follow you around like in Ooblets! Not only can you customize the exterior layout of your land, but you can also decorate inside your home. When customizing your own character, there are many choices of skin color, outfits, accessories, hair styles, and other traits that aren’t even human!

You’ll live in a main hub town but you’ll get the chance to do a lot of exploring and foraging at several unique connecting biomes. It will be every collector’s dream to discover new items and to even uncover artifacts.

Kickstarter Campaign Available Now

Backers for PuffPals: Island Skies will have Alpha access to the game for PC fairly soon. There’s still time now to contribute to the Kickstarter Campaign here! Although they have already surpassed their main goals, there are stretch goals that include a Nintendo Switch version and even mobile! The developers behind the game, FluffNest, are also selling adorable plush toys of their characters here.



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