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Previously Announed Switch and PC Cat Sim, Snacko, is Coming to PS4/PS5

Explore, Fish, Farm, Befriend, and Build as Momo the Purple Cat

Play as Momo, a kitty that craves a new rural lifestyle, and travel with best friend Mikan to a deserted island. However, the island you’ll settle on is cursed and attracting monsters! Players will have to explore dungeons, mines and new regions, all while revitalizing a ruined village.

To help along the rebuilding effort, farm, cook, craft, fish, and give gifts. Send job postings to other furry friends and invite them to live in your community! You can even take on part-time jobs yourself. Snacko also has quite the extensive decorating mechanic with snap-grids and free rotation to all buildings and items. With a free camera, you can easily move, place, dye, or put away any object anywhere.

Coming Soon to PC, Switch, PS4/PS5

Snacko is developed by Bluecurse Studios and published by Armor Games Studios. They recently announced with their new trailer below that their cute cat sim adventure is also coming to PlayStation. The game is releasing soon in 2022 on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5.



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