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Potion Party – A Magical Party Game Coming To Switch

Run your own Alchemy shop and brew potions with friends when Potion Party releases on Switch next week.

It can sometimes be tough to find a nice, cute party game that you would actually want to share with your friends. Outside of Overcooked and Mario Party, cute party games are actually pretty scarce. However, Potion Party certainly aims to change that with a fun theme and some fat-paced gameplay. Not to mention the ability to either challenge friends, or play with them to run a shop together in co-op mode.

Potion Party

In Potion Party, you are tasked with running an Alchemy Shop. You will need to gather materials to craft potions that you may then sell. The more money you make, the more things you will be able to buy to upgrade your shop, resulting in a higher customer base. You will also unlock characters with different abilities that can help your shop grow even faster.

Potion Party Gameplay

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For more information on Potion Party, you can check out the official Nintendo website.

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