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Pokemon Masters: A Blast From The Past

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Pokemon Masters is said to feature classic characters from throughout the history of the series!

Pokemon has been a long standing go-to for RPG’ers the world over! With all the spin-offs and far-reaching various installments, it is pretty safe to say that there is a place in every gamers heart for Pokemon, regardless of genre preference. With the onset of the popularity of mobile games, of course Pokemon is there at the forefront with such awesome titles as Pokemon Go and Pokemon Rumble Rush. The latest installment, Pokemon Masters, appears to be returning to the roots of the franchise, with some cool looking turn-based battles.

About the Pokemon Masters Reveal Trailer.

The reveal did not contain too much information, unfortunately. Luckily, the developers did promise that there would be more details coming as soon as next month! Pokemon Masters will have a heavy focus on all the gym leaders and other Pokemon trainers from many of the previous titles in the series. We will also see many of our favorite Pokemon, from adorable little Pikachu to the ever impressive Onix. Only battle and dialogue sequences have been shown so far, which may indicate that this will not be a free roam game. However, that is just speculation based on the reveal trailer found below.

Pokemon Masters

You will also see in the trailer that much time and care was put into the design and art of the game, so we are super excited to see all our favorite Pokemon in a new way, and on the go! It was mentioned that while there is no specific release date yet, it will release by the end of this year. It will be available on both Android and iOS devices. We will keep a close eye on Pokemon Masters, and be sure to bring all the new details next month, just as soon as they are released! For more information about this game and basically everything about the franchise, always keep an eye on the official Pokemon website!

Watch the reveal trailer right here:


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