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PlayStation 5 Officially Confirmed For End Of 2020

Sony has recently announced that its next-gen console will be named PlayStation 5.

Big surprise, there (wink). Not only that, but we also got the official release date as being the holiday season of next year. Looks like we can already start planning our shopping lists. From the recent news release, we got lots of great details that tell me I know for sure its going on mine.

First of all, the fact that the new gens will be switching to SSD’s (solid state drives) is already enough to convince me. Loading times didn’t use to exist back in the day, and may finally be disappearing again. The solid state drives will be dramatically faster than the hard-drives that we’re rocking today, to say the least. The PlayStation 5 will revolutionize gaming, and surely be the big ticket item of next Christmas.

PlayStation 5
Possible design of PlayStation 5

The new feature that I am most excited about is the evolution of the PlayStation controllers. The PlayStation 4 already switched things up with features in a controller that had never been seen, like voice controls and a motion sensor pad.

The new controller will have “adaptive triggers” that can alter the sensitivity and resistance of your triggers and joysticks based on the actions being performed. For driving games, this will mean that you can actually feel the difference between wet terrain and dry. You will really notice the difference when you hit a puddle at high speeds now.

Playstation 5
The new controller will look like the DualShock 4 shown here.

For all you crazy shooters out there, you will now feel the difference of trigger pull depending on what gun you are using. This will add a level of immersion that I can only dream of as of yet.

For more in depth details about the PlayStation 5, you can check out the exclusive interview on about the console on the official Wired website!



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