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Plant Seeds and Help Them Grow in Relaxing Game Garden In

Mix and Match Seeds, Pots and Environments to Fully Grow Your Plants

This just in! Newly-founded small indie game studio based in Italy, Dramatic Iceberg, is currently working on two adorable games; Racoonie: Legend of the Spirits (more on this later) and Garden In! To start with, Garden In is a relaxing and peaceful game about planting seedlings in pots and watching them grow. Perfect for casual gamers.

Much like Unpacking, you focus on small rooms within a house that you get to decorate to your liking. In this case, you can also change the background design and colour outside of the room to set the mood you want.

Each plant is unique and has different needs. Some will need certain soil to grow its roots, others get their nutrients through their leaves and only need objects like rocks in the pot, and there are others that only need water as they can float. Furthermore, you can discover different combinations to complete your herbarium by combining seedlings. Two compatible seedlings can be placed in a bigger and larger hybridization vase to create a new seed.

Coming Soon to PC (Steam)

For now, you can Wishlist Garden In on Steam here. There isn’t a release date yet, however more information and another trailer will be announced during The Summer Game Fest this weekend. Furthermore, on June 13th, 2022, you can find a demo for Steam Next Fest. *Updated: trailer below*



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