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Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack and New Free Update Coming Next Week

A free update (1.1.0) is coming to Planet Zoo December 17th, 2019 which includes a large amount of bug fixes, improvements, and many new features such as more heat maps, menus, information panels, and alerts. Alongside this update, you can purchase The Arctic Pack on Steam or the Frontier Store for $9.99 US which includes two new Scenarios, four new Arctic animals, and new building items. See below for the detailed information via the official Developer Journal.

Free Update 1.1.0

  • Slow Animal Aging: Slow Animal Aging is a setting that can be found in the Gameplay section of the Options menu, and you can use it to alter the rate at which your animals age: up to five times slower than normal. This mean fewer births and deaths in your zoo.
  • Immediate Family on Animal Information Panels: Through this, you will be able to learn of an animal’s parentage, siblings and direct descendants.
  • Animal Pack Behaviour: Alphas are stable within a pack structure, and members won’t normally fight unless they are overcrowded. 
  • New Heat Maps: These Heat Maps involve crime, staff happiness, animal breeding, habitat cleanliness and updates to negative impacts, such as litter and thrown food. This should really help with your zoo’s prestige!
  • Improved Social Behaviours: The Ring-Tailed Lemur and Red Ruffed Lemur now have more social interactions when happy and healthy.
  • News Feed: This will let you know about important announcements such as maintenance information and news updates.
  • Management Updates: This is an alert system that will let you know what’s happening in your zoo. A new High Alert option will let you know when something needs your immediate attention such as animal escapes or if all Keeper Huts are closed.
  • Aurora Borealis: Now you can see beautiful in-game Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) whenever you look up at the night’s sky in the Tundra biome.
  • Ice Cream Costume: An Ice Cream Costume is available to all players to dress up their avatars!
  • More Creativity: For those of you that love creating amazing habitats, now you’ll have a complete ice and snow rock set, enrichment items like a snow ball and a Christmas present, new winter foliage, and ice pathing to work with.

Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack

  • Two New Scenearios: The mountainous Norway set in the Tundra biome, and the arid Mexico, based in the Desert biome. Complete with their own stories and challenges!
  • Four new Arctic animals: the Polar Bear, Reindeer, Arctic Wolf, and Dall Sheep.
  • Building Items: there are over 200 new building, scenery, and foliage pieces such as snow and ice sculptures.

I’ve played a little of Planet Zoo on Steam and gave my first impressions here. You can also check out my blooper video of all my building mishaps! I’m looking forward to diving back in the game and creating my own winter wonderland!



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