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Pikmin World Listed For Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is finally hitting the store on Friday march 3rd. Dutch retailer InterToys has sparked speculation about a possible Pikmin Game for the Nintendo Switch. The Online shop has listed the game for the Nintendo Switch, with the name Pikmin World. It is almost certain that the popular franchise will come to the new console.

Nintendo has made no announcement towards a possible port of the game. However, a Pikmin game has been released for almost every Nintendo console in the past. It seems highly possible that a version of the game will be released for Nintendo’s new console. The next Pikmin title has already been confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS. The game for the handheld console is expected to be released in 2017. The main goal in Pikmin is to obtain ship parts by using three different varieties of Pikmin available in different combinations. Pikmin for the 3ds will be featuring a different kind of gameplay. It will be a side-scrolling adventure. The game will still include the adorable Pikmin and their unique abilities. Longtime fans as well as new fans to the series will be able to find their place in this version of the game.



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