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Picontier – The Endearing Pixel-Art RPG Simulation Coming to PC, PS4, Switch and 3DS

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]icontier is an upcoming pixel art-stylized miniscape RPG. The game’s retro 2D art style, alongside its life simulation elements, make it comparable to Stardew Valley and the original Harvest Moon games.

Picontier is designed by indie label SKIPMORE, who are best known for their Fairune and Drancia series titles. It is being published by Flyhigh Works Co., a company established in 2011 that specializes in localizing Japanese, English and Chinese titles.

It has recently been announced that the PC version of the game will be released via Steam this winter. Whilst FlyHigh works did not mention other platforms in their recent broadcast, the game has previously been announced for PS4, Switch, and 3DS.


Picontier is a mini RPG game that allows players to enjoy slow-living on a whimsical island after being washed ashore. Its life simulation elements include farming, crafting, fishing, and mining. Like Stardew Valley, the game also appeals to the more adventurous of gamers by offering excitement. In this instance, players can journey to the dungeons to fight monsters. Additionally, the game contains a charming story and a variety of strange island creatures to communicate with. The game therefore seems to tick all the boxes where depth is concerned.




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