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Peaceful Days Early Access Is Almost Here

Peaceful Days is a charming life and farming simulation game developed by one single person – much like Stardew Valley.

If you enjoy games like Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley and of course Harvest Moon you are sure to find a new home in Peaceful Days. The game is developed by Nhat Nguyen and is now finally ready to enter early access on Steam.

I have talked about Peaceful Days quite a few times as Nhat kept adding new features to the game, such as the milk delivery job where players will have to pickup milk and deliver the bottles to NPC houses around the town.

Peaceful Days has been carefuly crafted with a lot of attention to detail with multiple unique characters to meet, a lovely town to explore and plenty of things to do throughout the day.


It is everything you come to expect from a life and farming simulation game! Who doesn’t love to live in a wholesome village where all you have to do is garden, talk to people and explore all day long.

Peaceful Days Early Access

Nhat announced on twitter that after a long period of hard work the game is finally ready for Early Access. You can already wishlist Peaceful Days on Steam today, however the games Early Access version is not quite read yet and will become available in the very near future, ones a little bit more proofreading has been done Nhat says.

For more information on Peaceful Days check out the recent Milk Delivery Job update as well as some other information about this wholesome life and farming simulation RPG!



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