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Paleo Pines: All Dinosaurs are Pettable, Ridable, and Lovable

This previously unnamed dinosaur game got my attention when I saw Jordan’s several concept drawings on Twitter. The adorable art-style and the friendly nature of these reptilian cuties made me want to find out more! Italic Pig, Northern Ireland’s game development studio, has just announced their partnership with publishers The Irregular Corporation, and Northern Ireland Screen. This is great news for this simulation game, now officially called Paleo Pines. Italic Pig has increased the size of their team and are currently working toward a 2021 release date!

About Paleo Pines

Paleo Pines is a casual social/management sim where players can become dinosaur ranchers. In a wholesome, friendly environment, dozens of dinosaur species are befriended, cared for and ridden into the wild to search for more and expand the ranch. The game takes inspiration from the relaxing, nurturing gameplay of titles such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, and mixes it with the insanely popular collect-them-all compulsion of Pokemon. Players can tame and care for their new friends, befriend townsfolk, plant gardens, and encounter amazing creatures.

Paleo Pines Photo Gallery

To find out more about Paleo Pines, you can check out the official website here.



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