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Ova Magica – New Bachelorettes, Demo and Wonderful Showcase Video

The super cute farming sim Ova Magica is making leaps and bounds in development. Beta demo now live!

For those that may have missed it, Ova Magica is an upcoming farming and life sim that truly captures the heart of multiple genres, and wraps them all in one adorable package. In the game, you are an adventurous youngster who has been placed on an abandoned farm and must grow crops, make friends, breed creatures and even fall in love, if there’s time.

Ova Magica

We can expect to see many wonderful features from our favorite games over the years, including (but not nearly limited to) dating and relationships. Which brings me to the progress of this wonderful indie. The developer has recently mentioned to myPotatoGames that some new bachelorettes will be announced for her game soon.

Growing all the time!

This news also comes with the announcement that there is now a tech demo live for the game. You can now get to change to try this adorable game for yourself, and even help the developer with some tips on how to improve Ova Magica. The ultimate goal being to make a game that players will want to come back to year after year, because the players helped build it.

This is why we demo! Now is your chance to be a part of the creation of what is set to be an undoubtedly amazing game, simply by playing and letting the developer know what you think.

Ova Magica

Other ways to help.

If you don’t have the constitution for critical work, you can also help the game by signing up for and taking part in the upcoming kickstarter campaign. If you sign up now, you will be joining nearly 250 others who will be receiving a notification when the campaign goes live. You don’t want miss this chance and be kicking yourself when Ova Magica is all anyone is talking about.

Ova Magica Features Showcase

Be a part of something wonderful.

To check out the demo for the game now, click here to head on over to itch.io.

Click here to sign up for the kickstarter campaign!

*You may also use the links above to find much more info on the game, including images and videos.*

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    Ova Magica – New Bachelorettes, Demo and Wonderful Showcase Video