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Orange Island Teams Up With Soyo Oka

The developer of Orange Island recently announced a collaboration with famous composer Solo Oka.

Orange Island
Also PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

For those that may have missed it, Orange Island is a super cute indie game currently in the works by developer Ted Sterchi, and the team at Birthday Boy. It is a 2D platform game in the style of classic SNES games. So much in the style, in fact, that it is being ported to the Super Nintendo. Pretty awesome, right.

Well, if that isn’t cool enough, I just found out from a recent Tweet that the games soundtrack is getting more and more in-depth. The soundtrack already features work from Hiroki Kikuta, who has worked on such games as Soul Caliber V and Tangledeep. Now, Ted has revealed in a recent Tweet that Soyo Oka will be joining the Birthday Boy team and adding some original compositions to the game.

Soyo Oka

For those that don’t know, Soyo Oka is renowned for her work on such classic games as SimsCity (SNES), Pilot Wings and Super Mario Kart. Her presence on Orange Island is sure to bring a real original Nintendo feel to the game. One that is sure to etch this throwback title into the history books.

For more information on Orange Island, you can click the link above or visit the official Kickstarter page. To keep a close eye on this title, be sure to follow the game on Twitter, or find them on Discord.



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