Ooblets still has no current estimate on release date (confirmed to be coming to Steam and Xbox One) but there’s still plenty of news to be had as the developers (Glumberland) continue to work hard and share with us their progress. In their March 2019 Devlog, the developers talk about their new region called Mamoonia, a friendship menu redesign, new merchandise, and new technical updates. Then there’s the new animations and loading screens for Legsy that we’ll talk about!

In case you didn’t know, this upcoming simulation and adventure game offers plenty of character, house, and farm customization. The best part, you get to grow adorable creatures in your gardens with Ooblet Seeds! Have your Ooblets join you on your journey in a dance-off type of battling system against wild Ooblets and other fellow trainers. You can get caught up on the latest news and interviews with us here.

We here at myPotatoGames thought that we should take a moment to appreciate this animation of the popular Ooblet, Legsy. We just can’t resist the fish with legs! Check out its awesome dance moves bellow.

This animation was done and purchased from Sayman.
Legsy gets this new loading screen.

Can’t get enough of that blank stare and the cute pink roundness that is Legsy? Go to Ooblets’ Yeteemart for newly released official merchandise! There you will find pins, t-shirts, stickers, and posters!

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