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Old Friends Dog Sanctuary: Mobile Game Based on Retirement Home for Doggos IRL

Old Friends Dog Sanctuary is an upcoming mobile game (year 2020) developed by Runaway and based off of a real-life senior dog sanctuary of the same name. This sanctuary is a retirement home specifically for senior dogs, because they need just as much love as puppies. Therefore, all the dogs in the game will be based on these real-life doggo friends. The developers are big supporters of this sanctuary and their hope is to help raise awareness on the difficulties of adopting senior dogs. A game clearly made with love for dogs, Old Friends Dog Sanctuary is on my list of games to keep an eye on!

About Old Friends Dog Sanctuary

  • Create your own dog sanctuary! Rescue and rehabilitate old dogs and spend your days caring for and loving them. ​
  • Decorate your indoor and outdoor space with furniture and toys that your dogs will love. ​
  • Enjoy the loveable nature of every dog, no matter the age or personality. ​
  • Discover the wonderful personalities of each dog and see their trust in you grow every day.​
  • Unlock stories and narrative-driven gameplay as you form a relationship with each dog.

You can help support the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary by purchasing this 2020 calendar right here. You can also check out Runaway’s official website here and their other mobile games available to download now. All games are about wildlife and nature’s beauty!

If you’re interested in helping dogs in-need, I have another great charity and wholesome PC game for you here: To The Rescue – Run Your Own Doggy Shelter.



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