The Sims has been one of the best selling PC games of all time, and back in 2002, publisher EA thought that taking it online and making The Sims Multiplayer is exactly what fans wanted. While many fans of the series enjoyed the The Sims Online, the game had essentially shut down for good in 2008, now there is a new chance to play The Sims Online once again.

TSO short for The Sims Online, was a subscription based online MMO in which players could run their own shop, casino or even a “skill house” where players would gather together to enhance their skills. We at myPotatoGames throughly enjoyed the experience and always thought that The Sims should feature some sort of multiplayer. A refused kiss means so much more if a real player denies your smudgy lips, rather than a decision made by an old dusty NPC.

Plenty of players playing FreeSO ( The Sims Online )!

The Sims Online essentially was no longer supported by EA and players were left alone in these huge beautiful Sim-towns with no update for years. In 2007 a small core team within EA revived TSO, changed the name to EA land and introduced tons of new features, including custom content. But it was only on year later that EA had finally pulled the plug on the game for good, it seemed TSO had vanished forever.

The games community still lived on through social media and eventually some super dedicated fans started a project to revive The Sims Online from the dead again. The project is called FreeSO and it is essentially a rebuild of the original TSO with enhanced 3D graphics and additional new features.

FreeSO ( The Sims Online ) now features 3D graphics!

FreeSO as the name states is free to play and after a long battle with EA the developers of this game have found an agreement with the publisher that allows them to run the game. If you wonder what The Sims Online was like, or would just like to have an amazing The Sims Multiplayer experience, then we strongly suggest to check out the FreeSO project.

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