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NintenDogs Like Game – Wan Nyan Pet Shop Kawaii Pet to Fureau Mainichi

A NintenDogs like experience is making a comeback on Nintendo Switch.

If you owned a Nintendo DS in the early 2000’s you might remember a big hit called Nintendogs. It was a virtual pet game that took the Tamagochi hype to the next level. The game offered new ways to adopt a cute little puppy and care for it virtually.

You were in charge of the little pups happiness and the unique touch controls of the DS made loving the little doggie just so much easier.

There have been many virtual pet games such as Little Friends Cats and Dogs. But Wan Nyan Pet Shop captures the sprit and adorable visuals from originals like NintenDogs.

Wan Nyan Pet Shop offer a wide variety of animals that you can adopt and it even adds a social element to the game where you can meet and interact with other characters.

If you enjoy grooming, playing, training and feeding animals but are not quite ready for the real life responsibilities, this game might be just right for you.

Wan Nyan Pet Shop Release Date

The game will be released on Nintendo Switch on July 15th. Currently the game is only listed on the Japanese eShop. A western release is planned for later this year but if you can’t wait you may also grab the game from the Japanese eShop as the Nintendo Switch has no region lock.

More virtual pet games

Neopets may be coming to Nintendo Switch this year. There is also a cute Hamster game called Djungarian Story coming to Switch!


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