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Nintendo Switch is Getting a Joy-Con Keyboard Attachment

There are many neat accessories that one can buy for the Switch. However, by far the neatest accessory I have seen is the Joy-Con keyboard attachment.

This keyboard ,from the minds at Cyber Gadget, (unlike a lot of keyboard attachments for console) is a fully fledged keyboard with the same size you would have on PC. The design at first may seem a bit off putting. However the more you look at it, the more the Joy-Cons seem to be at home on the sides. The Joy-Cons snap onto the sides of the keyboard for easy access and even easier holding.

There was once a device similar for Gamecube in the past but this device seems much more ergonomic then it’s ancestor.

There was another keyboard designed for the Nintendo Switch by Hori (see below)

The officially licensed product from Hori was really just a keyboard that connected to the Switch via USB, and it didn’t incorporate the Joy-Con remotes into the design at all. It doesn’t really make sense to not incorporate the Joy-Cons yet here we are.

The Cyber Gadget keyboard will connect to the Nintendo Switch via USB and it will not charge the Joy-Cons while they are plugged into the keyboard which is unfortunate.

All in all, it seems like a neat gadget and with the Online App launching in the near future, the keyboard could see extensive use.

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