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Nintendo Shares List Of Great Indies Released For Switch in 2020

Nintendo America has shared an image featuring all the great Indies that came to Switch last year.

Despite the trying times, developers have still been doing their darnedest to make sure gamers do not go without the experiences we crave. Many wonderful games were released throughout 2020, including some pretty sweet Indie games that Nintendo just can’t talk enough about. I certainly noticed some of my favorites on the list! Peruse for yourself and find out which ones you’ve tried, and which need to go on the list of games to check out next.

The Full List

My favorites

For more information on some of the myPotatoGames favorite titles on the list, you can click links below.

What The Golf?

Coffee Talk




The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire


Moving Out


A Short Hike

Knights & Bikes


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