Nintendo has been very quiet about Animal Crossing on dedicated Nintendo systems for a while now. However, that ended today. The big N no longer pretends that our beloved village simulator doesn’t exist. The company has released an Animal Crossing themed prepaid card for the Nintendo eShop. Even though there is currently nothing Animal Crossing related to buy on the eShop, except if you don’t own the 5 year old Animal Crossing New Leaf game yet. Nintendo also did not forget about the Kirby fanbase. A Kirby designed eShop prepaid card has been released at the same time. Both cards are available in Japan only, and can be purchased starting today.

Animal Crossing Preiaid

Many Animal Crossing fans have been disappointed with the latest Nintendo Direct. The absence of Animal Crossing makes fans wonder when the long awaited Animal Crossing Switch will finally arrive. Reggie, president of North America has already said that all major IP’s including Animal Crossing will make an appearance on the Switch. Metroid, Pikmin 4, Pokemon and now Smash Bros are all announced and confirmed to come to Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing is the last big Nintendo franchise not officially announced for Nintendo Switch yet.

However, there is a good chance Animal Crossing will make an appearance at this years E3, find out why here. For anyone who cant wait for Animal Crossing Switch, check out the Animal Crossing Switch Dreamlist here.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp fans can get their villager turned into a sticker pack right here.