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Nintendo Switch and 3DS Games Launching in May to Keep an Eye On

May can be a sleepy month in terms of game releases. Developers are saving up their big guns for E3 and the month tends to be more dedicated to the rumor mill than anything else. Even so, there are still plenty of Nintendo Switch and 3DS Games launching in the coming month that we think are particularly worth the time to look at each one. Here’s a list of games to look out for in May, and why:

Switch Games

Tumbleseed – This cute indie game looks to be full of charm and will likely be an interesting title for anyone willing to work with and learn an abnormal control scheme. Players will need to control a tilting bar to tumble the seed along and navigate around large holes. This game can be played with two players instead of one for extra challenge and chaos. Tumbleseed launches on May 2nd. ($14.99 USD)

Tumbleseed stage 2 image
Tumbleseed is just around the corner!

NBA Playgrounds – NBA Playgrounds has been covered primarily as a Playstation game, but it is, indeed, coming to the Switch (as well as Xbox One and Windows). This is a 2-on-2 competitive basketball game and includes an expansive roster with many real-world superstars. It’s being compared to NBA Jam but includes more features, like a leveling system and online play. Definitely check it out, if you’re a Basketball fan. ($19.99 USD)

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – It’s back. Minecraft is the same game you know and love, but now it’s very easily portable. As far as we can tell, this plays much like the other console versions of Minecraft but has even more Nintendo-based content than the Wii U edition did. Minecraft launches on the Switch on May 11th. ($29.99 USD – You can buy it here)

Disgaea 5 Complete – This classic Tactical RPG series finally makes its return to Nintendo consoles. The first time Disgaea was on a Nintendo system, it was a remake of the original game on the Nintendo DS in 2008. The game boasts hundreds of hours of gameplay and content that was DLC in the PS4 version as part of the complete package. Disgaea 5 Complete launches in both physical AND digital formats on May 23rd. ($59.99 USD You can buy it – here)

Disgaea 5 SwitchUltra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers – It’s become somewhat of a joke that SFII needs to be released on every system, but the game really isn’t any less amazing as an arcade fighter on the Switch than it was when it first showed up in arcades. This version includes Evil Ryu and Violent Ken as playable characters which represent the worst likely outcomes of their various trials. USFII: The Final Challengers will make its way to the Switch eShop on May 26th. ($39.99 USD You can buy it here)

RiME – The long-awaited Adventure-Puzzle game is finally releasing on all consoles and Steam. This game has an art style reminiscent of Journey (PS3) and a sweeping, emotional score underneath the trailers we’ve seen, thus far. While little is really known about how the gameplay and story will progress, we are still very interested to see what the future holds for this title. Tequila Works claims their game will be available on May 26th. ($39.99 USD You can buy it here)

RiME image
Some of these games look really good.

3DS Games

Infinite Golf – Not to be confused with Infinite Minigolf, this game does exactly what it says on the box. For a very low price, you can choose to play a three-per-hole arcade survival mode, or you can just play endlessly without any penalties. For the low price point, it’s a reasonable way to zen out. Infinite Golf will be available on May 4th. ($1.99 USD)

Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop – The Cooking Mama series is a tried-and-true classic of the DS line. Play various minigames to help Mama make some delicious food and receive a rating based on your performance. If you’re a fan of the series, there’s no reason you should miss this one, either. Sweet Shop drops on the eShop on May 18th. ($29.99 USD You can buy it here)

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Between FE Warriors, FE Heroes, and FE Echoes, Fire Emblem is making a big showing, this year. And between this game and Disgaea 5, May really does seem to be the month for major Tactical RPG releases. This game seems to be a remake or reimagining of the second game in the Fire Emblem series. You can buy the normal game at full price, or you can get the Limited Edition for an extra $20. The Limited Edition includes an art book, a sound selection CD, a collection of character pins, and a reversible cover reminiscent of the original Famicom art for the game this was based on. Fire Emblem Echoes will be in stores on May 19th. ($39.99 USD You can buy it here, and the $59.99 USD Limited Edition here)

Fire Emblem 3DS

With that, we seem to be out of new titles for the month that we feel are worth a heads up. Each of these titles will be interesting in one way or another, and we hope to bring further coverage on all of them throughout the month. If any of these titles interest you, feel free to talk about it in the comments below.


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