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Nintendo E3 Predictions – This is what Nintendo Needs to Show!

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]3 is the annual video games convention in California. For the first time the event will be open to the public. E3 is the second Christmas for every gamer in the world, with dozens of new announcements, gameplay footage and in-depth information about everyones favorite video games. Reggie, president of Nintendo North America has promised “we’re gonna have a big E3 this year”. The company will occupy an equal amount of space compared to Sony and Microsoft at the convention center in Los Angeles this year for the first time. Here are our Nintendo E3 Predictions.

Pikmin 4

Hey! Pikmin has just ben re-announced for the Nintendo 3DS with a first trailer and some more details. Pikmin 4 is in development for quite some time Miyamoto said, but no details have been given on the video game. It is safe to assume that it will be a Nintendo Switch game, and chances are we will hear more about it at this years Nintendo E3 event.

Likelihood – Hot ?

Smash Brothers Switch

Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 3DS has sold more than 8 Million copies since it’s release in October 2014, making the game the most popular releases in it’s franchise. Smash Bros would make a perfect fit on the Nintendo Switch with couch co-op as well as online multilayer options. A new Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch is happening sooner or later, the question will be whether Nintendo is ready to announce the game yet or not.


Likelihood – Low

Animal Crossing Switch

Animal Crossing is one of the most beloved franchises on any Nintendo system. With the latest game released in 2012, Nintendo sold more than 10 Million copies and has managed to extend it’s fanbase by millions. It is sure that a new Animal Crossing will come to the Nintendo Switch. Reggie has also been making vague comments, further fueling the rumors. As he states “our philosophy at Nintendo is to have one great experience of each franchise on each console. So, in the future, who knows when – you can anticipate that all our big franchises will be addressed”. The last Animal Crossing release is more than 5 years ago, a new game could be teased at this years E3.

Likelihood – Medium

Animal Crossing Mobile

The Animal Crossing Smartphone app has been delayed several times. Now the app is left with no concrete release date. Rumors are emerging that Nintendo delayed the app in order to be able to announce it alongside a new Animal Crossing game on the Nintendo Switch. The developers have stated at the beginning, that the app would tie in with another Animal Crossing game which could be New Leaf, or a whole new experience on the Switch.

Likelihood – Medium

Zelda Breath of the Wild Expansion Details

The Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass is currently on sale for $19.99 on the Nintendo eShop. While most details like a new difficulty and dungeons have been announced, Nintendo could further detail the pass, and perhaps add some more features to it. While this is a far stretch, Zelda fans can always hope!

Likelihood – Low

Metroid Prime

Fans of the series have been waiting for a new main series game a long time. The E3 could make a great opportunity to tease a new Metroid game for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo had announced a spin off game of the beloved Metroid series at the E3 in 2015. Metroid Prime: Federation Force was released on August 19th of 2016 on the Nintendo 3ds, but never became as popular as the main Metroid Prime games. The game was received poorly with a Metacritic score of 64%.

Likelihood – Medium

Snipper Clips Expansion

Sniperclips: Cut it Out together is one of the best Switch launch titles. It brings people together, has an adorable look and is showcasing what the Nintendo Switch represents the best – from all games available so far. The game is still #1 on the eShop charts. However Snipperclips comes with only 61 stages which most of them can be completed rather quickly. Given the huge success of the game, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo plans to further support the game with a DLC pack. If you like you can read our review and take on Snipperclips here.

Likelihood – Medium

Pokémon Stars

The recently announced Pokémon on Nintendo Switch has been in the dark since Nintendo first put the Pokémon logo on the list of games coming to the new hybrid console. No details or further information have been given on the highly anticipated Pokémon game. Chances are Nintendo will use the E3 to tease the video game a little more.

Likelihood – Hot ?

Mario Odyssey

The game is set for a release this Holiday season, but all we have seen so far was a trailer and minimal details on the gameplay. Nintendo will most likely use it’s moment of fame at the E3 to further showcase the next installment in the Mario franchise.

Likelihood – Hot ?

3rd Party Developers

3rd Party developers will most likely use the E3 to highlight their latest Nintendo Switch games as well. Not much is known about the upcoming Story of Seasons on the Switch. Stardew Valley on the other hand is going to be released this Summer with a Multiplayer mode on Nintendos latest console.

Bethesda is expected to release some The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim footage running on the Switch. And last but not least Dragon Quest XI will be released on 3DS and Playstation 4 on July 29th with the Switch release a little later, it is possible that Square Enix, developer behind the game will show some first footage of the game running on the Switch.

Electronic Arts may show some more Fifa 18 gameplay, as they promised it will not be a port, but a dedicated game for the Switch, it may be exciting to see how EA adjusts the popular soccer game to the hybrid console! If appropriate we will update the list as we get closer to this years E3.




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