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Nintendo Doubles Down On Animal Crossing New Horizons Content Updates More Events Coming

Nintendo just announced that even more events and content will make it to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

In a recent earning call Nintendo revealed that more than 26 million copies of Animal Crossing New Horizons have been sold since its launch back on March 20th.

This is a huge success not only for the Animal Crossing franchise but also for Nintendo. New Horizons is now the second best selling game on Nintendo Switch and is expected to pass the current best selling game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe this holiday season. In comparison Animal Crossing New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS managed to sell about 14 million copies in its 8 year lifespan.

It comes at no surprise that Nintendo now announced that even more events and content are being introduced to New Horizons in the upcoming months and years. The big N already said that the latest Animal Crossing game would be supported for at least three years, after seeing the massive sales this deadline might even be extended.

Nintendos president Furukawa said that Nintendo “will continue to implement in-game events and would like to create a situation where consumers will keep enjoying the game for a long time.”


Given the huge success of the game it is just natural to see Nintendo amping up the efforts to keep players engaged. There are still many features that players from all around the world would like to see in the game. Ceiling furniture, and villager house visits are reportedly among the next features coming to New Horizons.

Next Major Update

Nintendo already teased the next major content update coming later this month. The Harvest Festival and Holiday event are just around the corner. There have been rumors based on datamines that cooking and baking may be introduced later this year.

Isabelle also shared a new video on everything you can look forward to in November, there is a bunch of new critters, items, DIYs and more – make sure you collect it all!

source: Nintendo PR


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