Nintendo just held its quarterly earnings call to its investors and spilled some tiny beans on upcoming Nintendo related news. The investor call ( which we imagine takes place in a room full of Tom Nooks gathered around a table decorated with towers of bell bags ) was all about Nintendos plans in 2019. Luckily part of the plan was a confirmation that Animal Crossing Switch is to be released this year – yay!

Of course we were already promised a release window for Animal Crossing Switch this year, but lately Nintendo has delayed many of their projects including Mario Tour, Metroid 4 and the unspoken Pikmin game just to name a few. It comes with great relief that Nintendo confirmed that our beloved village simulator will still land on our Nintendo Switch this year.

Besides Animal Crossing Switch, Nintendo also confirmed that Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword are still to come this year. Interestingly the big N states a winter release for these games. If history is any indication Nintendo would not risk releasing two major titles too close to each others. Last year the company released Pokemon Pikachu and Pokemon Eve in November followed by another big release of Smash Bros in December. If we were to make a rough guesstimate and assumption we would think that an Animal Crossing Switch release in September would be a great solution, but who are we to make such bold statements. 🙂

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Nintendo Release Schedule
Nintendos launch schedule for upcoming games

Thanks to Nintendo we can all be a little bit more relaxed and keep waiting patiently for Isabelle and co. to finally make an appearance on our consoles. For now we have to make do with the announcement trailer of the game back from September, 2018… sigh. We have added it for our, as well as your convenience below in case you’d like to watch it one more time ( We know you do! ).

In case you missed it a new Story of Seasons has been confirmed to be in development for Nintendo Switch. Mario Kart Tour, the first mobile game in the franchise is kicking off a beta test on Android and sign-ups are already open.

source: Nintendo

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