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Nintendo Announces Animal Crossing New Horizons Inspired Makeup Line

An Animal Crossing New Horizons Makeup line was just announced and it looks absolutely adorable.

Nintendo and Colourpop are teaming up to bring the first ever Animal Crossing New Horizons inspired makeup line. The entire collection features a bunch of different pieces and color palettes to ensure everyone interested will find their perfect match.

Following Black Milk who recently released a New Horizons inspired clothing line, Colourpop promises to bring a huge variety of different makeup items to the market. The entire lineup will launch in the UK on January 28th and in the US you will be able to grab any of the items at Ulta beginning February 14th.

Save your bells!

If you are interested in obtaining the entire collection you might need to start shaking some trees for some more bells. The Colourpop and Nintendo makeup collection features a whooping eleven items, take a look at everything included below.

  • Nook Inc palette
  • Five-Star Island palette
  • Labelle of the Ball palette
  • What a Hoot palette
  • Fruit Basket Lip Tint Duo
  • Fruit Roots Lip Tint Duo
  • Pick of the Bunch Lip Tint Duo
  • Flower Power Blush
  • Flower Tender Blush
  • Balloon Pop Super Shock Shadow
  • Bellionaire Glitterally Obsessed



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