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Newt One Soon To Make Music On Switch

Beautiful and popular indie title Newt One is coming to the Nintendo Switch in August.

Newt One

Newt One is a magical indie title that captured the hearts of many with its heartfelt message of spreading positivity. With a nonviolent focus on adventure and vibrant graphics, this charming title continues to gain fame. Now, it has been announced that Newt One will be coming to the most wholesome of consoles, the Nintendo Switch. It will be available for digital download starting sometime in August.

A bit about Newt One.

You play as Newt, a musical note in a world that has lost its splendor. It is up to you to return the world to its vibrant and majestic state. The world will awaken around you as you spread your joy about. Explore a non-linear 3D environment that comes to life as you interact with everything you see.

Newt One

This title features an enchanting soundtrack as well as a super cute art style that has players raving. It’s no wonder that the developers teamed up with the crew from Whitethorn Digital, you know, the ones behind Calico – Magical Girls Running Cat Cafe’s, to help bring this title to new platforms.

The Official Trailer

For more information about Newt One, you can check out the developers on



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