Marvelous games has finally dropped the ball on the long awaited and much anticipated Story of Seasons Switch game. The farming sim was first announced when the Nintendo revealed the Switch back in 2017. Since then Marvelous has been extremely quiet about the next installment in the series.

While no details for Story of Seasons Switch have been revealed (sigh) the studio at the very least acknowledge the game is still in development, as after years of silence fans were wondering if the project had been cancelled. This update comes as a relief as even we at myPotatoGames started speculating when the game could get released on the Switch.

In the interview with Gematsu, Marvelous also discussed the upcoming crossover game between Story of Seasons and Doraemon – Doraemon Story of Seasons. The studio revealed that the project for the crossover game was founded by Koji Nakajima, who prides himself of being a huge fan of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature – one of the highest rated games in the Harvest Moon franchise.

Furthermore Marvelous revealed that Doraemon Story of Seasons features a real storyline unlike the original Story of Season which is designed to be more of a sandbox farming simulator. The main focus of the crossover game will be on family and the love for one’s family. Check out some more details from the interview below!

  • Doraemon Story of Seasons is a project that was launched by Bandai Namco’s Koji Nakajima, who was a fan of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.
  • Unlike past Story of Seasons titles, Doraemon Story of Seasons has a proper main story (as opposed to just working on the farm).
  • The theme is family, and the main story focuses on love for one’s family.
  • Working on the ranch is the player’s main task, and at first the farm work will be quite hard.
  • Doraemon’s secret gadgets will help resolve the things that “inconvenience you” in Story of Seasons.
  • The “At Gungun,” which causes crops to grow immediately, is an expendable item, so it cannot be used carelessly.
  • Other than Doraemon Story of Seasons, work is underway on a new Story of Seasons game, according to Marvelous’ Hikaru Nakano.

Doraemon Story of Seasons is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 13th of this year, with a western release still in the open.

A first commercial and some adorable screenshots have recently been released for Doraemon Story of Seasons. If you would like to revisit the initial announcement and reveal trailer for the game head right over here.

For more farming games, check out Alchemy Story, a beautiful and super cute farming game much like Harvest Moon, we are currently also giving away free codes for this game for you and one of your friends.

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  1. Now that we know that the remake of Friends of Mineral Town must have already been well underway at the time this interview took place, since the game is already 85% complete as of today, I really wonder if this ‘new’ game is the remake. It has an all-new title and new characters and some very different character designs…I feel like it could easily be what they were referring to as the next mainline game. I’m still hoping more than anything for a brand new game, though, so hopefully they weren’t referring to the remake/remix of FoMT/MFoMT and ALSO have a 100% new game in some stage of development. The remake announcement did make me doubt it though. They might want to wait and see how their remake fairs before getting too far into a new game. I don’t know, but that’s one of the thoughts I had when news of the remake popped up.

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