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New Animal Crossing Figurines Included In Sweet Treat

There is a sweet treat coming for every Animal Crossing fan. The chocolate covered treat will have a brand new Animal Crossing figurine covered inside.

With the upcoming release of Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo is gearing up to make the biggest splash in the franchise yet. A recently announced Animal Crossing Manga series, updated Twitter account and more – we can expect to see more and more news heading our way as March 20/2020 comes closer!

Animal Crossing Figurines

Japanese treat maker Furuta confectionery will release a chocolate covered egg that will not only be delicious for your taste buds but will also entail the most adorable little Animal Crossing treat. That’s right, once you munch through the chocolate shell you will find one of a whooping twenty new Animal Crossing Figurines. The treat will be available starting February 2020 and will be offered online for people around the world.

The 20 new Animal Crossing figurines will include:

  • Tom Nook 
  • , and was Keke 
  • Kinuyo 
  • Mamekichi & Tsubukichi 
  • Futa 
  • bouquet 
  • Lilian 
  • caramel 
  • Apollo 
  • Jun 
  • Kamomi 
  • Julie 
  • Hamusuke 
  • Doremi 
  • Momoko 
  • batch 
  • Siberian
  • 2 Special Surprise Characters
Animal Crossing Figurines

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