The Nintendo Switch is on a path to success, as Nintendo managed to keep up the incredible sales in Japan, and remains to be the best selling console in the US. Here are this weeks New Nintendo Switch Games, and Nintendo 3DS as well.

Nintendo Switch

Cave Story+ – There’s not a lot to say, here. Cave Story is an old indie Metroidvania title that showed us all how indie is done. If you knew about it before, this is the same game you already know. This game is accessible to most players, and it has an easy-to-follow story and adorable pixel art graphics. The soundtrack is a classic that will surely be stuck in your head if it isn’t already. (Launches 6/20/17; $29.99 Get it here )

Ocean Horn – Oceanhorn Switch is the next big adventure game to be released on Nintendos latest hybrid console. The Zelda like action-adventure game, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is set to release on Nintenod Switch on June 22nd. FDG the developer behind the video game has released a brand new gameplay trailer.

Nintendo 3DS

Ever Oasis – This is another one of those games that will likely define the month. Just as well that it comes closer to the end, then. Ever Oasis puts you in charge of a budding oasis, one of the last bastions of life in a seemingly endless desert. With the help of a water spirit and any adventurers you can bring with you, you’ll go exploring and taking on quests out in the desert sands. (Launches 6/23/17; $39.99 Get it here )

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