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New 2DS XL Preview Roundup — See What’s Around the Corner

Nintendo recently held events in New York and London to allow the press to get a first look at the New 2DS XL that has recently been revealed. We weren’t able to go ourselves, but thankfully, videos and articles describing these events are not hard to find. So there wasn’t really a lot to look at that we couldn’t already figure out from the images. Still, we’d like to give a basic rundown of what to expect from this system. Check out our Nintendo 2DS XL Preview below!

2DS comparison image
So many to choose from!

So the New 2DS XL turns out to be roughly the same size as the New 3DS XL. It’s only a little bit slimmer, but surprisingly, it’s very light. Nothing like the brick that 3DS XL systems have been in the past. It outsizes the original 2DS by a longshot. Also, it can fit the original 3DS long ways between the circle pad and face buttons with ease. Now, the system IS dwarfed by the original 3DS XL, and the whole system, when closed, fits inside the area of the Switch’s screen.

Silly size comparisons aside, there are some other differences with the system. The stylus pen that comes with it is shorter, for one. There seems to be a focus on shifting most of the tech to the bottom half of the system. The volume slider, speakers, and cameras have all been moved down with the speakers now resting a the very bottom with the charger port and cartridge slot. The speakers also seem to be a bit quieter. The cartridge slot also has a plastic cover, similar to the Switch, which will likely help avoid accidentally removing your game.

All in all, the changes seem minimal. It’s a 2DS with a clamshell design and the extra power of the New 3DS. The advantages here will be similar to those provided by the original 2DS. It’ll be cheaper than a New 3DS while still allowing you to play all the same games. Its lighter design makes it more convenient for travel and probably more resistant to falling, which makes it great for kids.

These changes are also mentioned in GameXplain’s hands on video, as you’ll see here.

With that in mind, it looks like a great system to pick up if you need a New 3DS but would like to pay a little less for it. It’s also great if you don’t have a 3DS, yet or if you have children that want one of their own. The New Nintendo 2DS XL will sell for $149.99 in the US and release on July 28th. The Japanese will get the system sooner on July 13th. Australians will get it first on June 15th.


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WOW. I cant wait for them to release the new DS2 xl in june !! Thankyou for all the details about the DS2 xl and thank you for the info about when it will be released Much appreciated.

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