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Neopets May Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Neopets was one of the most popular online browser games in the early 2000s and might be coming to Nintendo Switch now.

Neopets is an online browser game where players can adopt adorable little pets and explore the playful world of Neopia. The game is filled with mini games build around your virtual pet. The game has seen massive success in the early 2000s but a decline in active players was unavoidable as support for Flash based games stopped completely last year.

The Washington Post now reported that the company behind Neopets may be considering to bring the beloved game to Nintendo Switch. While rumors are thickening the company behind the adorable game refused to leave any statement yet.

Nintendo Switch would be a great platform for Neopets to call its new home. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a Neopets release on Nintendo Switch sooner rather than later!

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