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myPotatoGames Official Shop Now Open

Every purchase will enter you in a chance to win a free Animal Crossing and Polly Pocket inspired Tiny Village.

myPotatoGames is officially opening its own shop. I have gotten such wonderful feedback from everyone on etsy that I have decided that I should take the big step to open my very own shop. This will simplify things greatly for me, and allow me to offer a more streamlined and enjoyable experience for you. In my new shop, you can still find all the wonderful items I have put together, like the Tiny Garden Pals gardening kit and the Polly Pocket styled Tiny Village.

Animal Crossing Garden Kit

For the grand opening, I would like to offer a chance to win a free Tiny Village to any person who purchases something from my shop. All who make a purchase will have their name entered for a chance to win one Tiny Village, added to their order for free. You will be given one entry per purchase, so you may enter as many times as you like. I am giving away 10 Villages in total, but each person entered may only win one Village. You will receive the Tiny Village once they are ready to ship (as the item is still in pre-order stage).

I want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who has helped myPotatoGames get to this point! I am so happy that everyone loves all of the goodies I have made for Animal Crossing fans, and I am super excited to continue making and selling amazing fan merch. Click here to visit my new shop now.



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