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Most Wholesome Management Games of 2019

Before we reach the beginning of 2020, I’ve been taking a look back on all the games I have played and reviewed thus far. I’ve shared with you some of my favorite farming sims here and multiplayer games here., and have considered what other genres that I gravitate toward and that are the most wholesome. Today, I’ll be closing off the end of the year with a list of management/tycoon games that I’ve played the most in 2019. Whether it’s designing and managing a theme park, restaurant or clothing store, I just can’t get enough of creating and building, and making customers happy!


Megaquarium is ranked in my top 3 most hours played on my Nintendo Switch this year because it is one of those games I just want to perfect. Gaining more and more Prestige with your aquarium parks allows you to buy better tools, equipment, items and fish! I’ve even laid out some advanced tips for the game because you must strategize and manage the species in your tanks, as compatibility and visibility are key to success.

Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo released on Steam last month and the graphics and details are everything I’d hoped they’d be. It does have a steep learning curve and you need to have quite the level of creativity and imagination, but it may just be the tycoon game for you if you love in-depth management and design choices. Frontier Developments also hosts online challenges on a regular basis to keep things interesting.

Two Point Hospital

I may be cheating a little by putting this one on my list because it released on PC in 2018, however there have been new DLCs this year (Close Encounters) and console versions will be coming in 2020. Once you have completed your main campaign goals in each level, you can still continue to reach 3 stars and watch the fruits of your labor. This cheeky hospital management game has unique illnesses, patients and treatments that make the gameplay just all the more fun.


Pocket Clothier

If you’re looking for an adorable clothing management game that can be played in small doses but is also addictive, this is for you. You can place various stands/shelves and choose the style of clothing to stock, hire staff, decorate with fixtures, and more! This game was released a little while ago on mobile for under $5 which means there aren’t any micro-transactions. I’ve added this to my 2019 list because it is now available on the Nintendo eShop (since September) for only $12! Pocket Clothier is worth the price and a great game to play on-the-go.

There are so many other management games coming in the new year that have already been added to my wishlist and include the following: Mondo Museum (creators of Boyfriend Dungeon), Onsen Master, Rolling Hills, Creature Resort and more! Here’s to wishing you a Happy Gaming New Year!



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