Stardew Valley update adds lots of great goodies!

Lots Of TLC in this farm!

In a recent post from @concernedape, it has been revealed that our beloved farming SIM title is getting an expansive update. Of course, there could never be enough to do in Stardew Valley. Nothing quite like spending every morning tending your garden and caring for your animals before setting out on whatever adventure is necessary for that day! Be it reaching the next elevator level in the mine, or using those mined resources to get that beautiful gold ax, every day is wonderful in Stardew Valley.

A ride in a winter wonderland.

So, obviously, the news of this update being “packed with new stuff” is quite welcomed indeed. What new activities await? One new feature that has been divulged is the addition of a new character ability for Marlon, who can now be paid to retrieve items that you may have dropped in those hectic mines. Nothing worse than getting way down in the mines, then losing the gold hoe that you shouldn’t have brought with you in the first place. Well, no longer, thanks to our wonderful dev!

Camping Time

There is also mention in the Tweet of some “quality of life” improvements. These features are being implemented to streamline the gameplay in the Valley. As to what exactly this means, we could only speculate. Whatever the features may be, we can be sure that they will make Stardew Valley an even greater place to spend our leisure time.

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