Nintendo is hard at work adding more interesting rewards to My Nintendo. The big N recently added an Animal Crossing theme, as well as a Pikachu theme. This week Nintendo added some new stuff for Kirby fans. In anticipation to the release of Kirby Star Allies, some new wallpapers have been made available on My Nintendo.

The Kirby Star Allies Wallpaper is priced at 50 Platinum Points. There are also new Super Mario 3D Land and Paper Mario Sticker Star Prima guides available. You can get those for a whooping 20 Gold Points each. You can grab them on the My Nintendo website.

Nintendo has recently changed the My Nintendo Rewards System, if you want to know how gold points are now being calculated and earned, head over here. For more Nintendo Switch game news, check out all the amazing new things coming to Splatoon 2. And for all the Kirby Star Allies fans out there, play the free demo now.

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