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Moonglow Bay Captures The Magic Of Classic Harvest Moon Games

Moonglow Bay is set within a loving community where you are a rookie angler to help restore a towns community.

There are few games who were able to capture the spirit of old school Harvest Moon games. Stardew Valley is one of those games that got so close and even did a few things better than the original farming franchise.

The feeling of being part of a community where everyone helps and loves each others, where problems are left outside the remote town is what Harvest Moon managed to capture so well in its first few installments.

Moonglow Bay aims to re-capture that magic by putting you into the role of a rookie angler who lives in a very remote town within a fractured community. Together with the help of friends and family you will work up for fishing skills and repair broken relationships between people to help return the old small town to its former glory.

As you take your fishing boat out onto the ocean you will discover fridgid glaciers and boiling geysers as you catch over 100 different fish which you can document in your journal.


Moonglow Bay is all about forming relationship, exploring the village and befriending the many villagers is a key part of the game. Take a peak at the trailer below for a good look at Moonglow Bay.

Moonglow Bay Release Date

Moonglow Bay is expected to release on Xbox One and Steam this year. You may already wishlist the game.


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