Cat Lovers rejoice! ? Mineko’s Night Market has recently appeared on the Steam store. Meaning that fans can now add the game to their wishlist and be notified of any updates. It also means that the developers (Meowza games) are one step closer to publishing the highly anticipated game!

Mineko’s Night Market is an indie casual adventure game. You play as Mineko, a girl who has recently moved to a superstitious island overrun by cats. Help Mineko become a successful young entrepreneur with her night market stall by gathering and crafting items. Additionally, you can undertake quests, engage with villagers and unravel the story of the Sun Cat.

The game will hopefully be released in late 2018. Just recently we compiled a list of newly announced in-game features from Meowza Games’ Twitter update. They can be read here.

To wishlist the game on Steam, click here.