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Mika and The Witch’s Mountain is Kiki’s Delivery Service as an Adventure Game

Fly on a Magic Broomstick, Explore an Open-World Island, and Deliver Packages to Friends

Not only are we getting Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara in 2022 from studio Chibig, but we’re also getting Mika and The Witch’s Mountain! Together with developers Nukefist, Chibig will basically be bringing us Kiki’s Delivery Service as an adventure game. Who wouldn’t want that?

In Mika and The Witch’s Mountain, you play as Mika the witch delivering packages to townspeople on a magic broomstick! Since you’re still in training, with every successful delivery, you will earn upgrades to help you navigate this sandbox island. Not only will flying be a bit of a challenge, but so will be protecting your packages from the elements!

On the island, there are also secrets to uncover along with the overall narrative. Even the townspeople will have interesting stories to tell as you get to know them better!

Coming in 2022 on Steam and All Consoles

You’ll be able to soar the skies later this year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam).



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