Metroid: Samus Returns has a lot of extras if you own the accompanying Amiibo


If you want to unlock all the extras in Metroid: Samus Returns then you are going to want to start saving money now before the game’s release date of September 15th. You will need the two new Amiibo, crouching Samus and a Metroid, along with the previous two Metroid amiibo in order to unlock all of the extras in the game.

So what are the extras in the game? Nintendo elaborated on all of the Amiibo extras in an interview with Eurogamer.

First off, the figurine of a crouched Samus will unlock an extra energy tank for you to use. After completing the game you’ll be able to unlock exclusive Metroid 2 art in an art gallery.

Next, the new Metroid amiibo. This will let you reveal the location of any nearby Metroid on your map which sounds pretty useful. ¬†After completing the game, you can also unlock a new difficulty mode, “Fusion”, and you can wear Samus’ suit from the Metroid Fusion game.

Then, the Smash Bros. Amiibo Samus will unlock a missile tank. After completing the game, you can gain exclusive concept art for your gallery.

Lastly, Zero Suit Samus will unlock another energy tank. After completing the game, you will be able to listen to the Samus Returns soundtrack of background music via a special mode.

While the Amiibo certainly add a lot of value to the game. It is rather expensive to buy all of the Amiibo required. The new Amiibo set retails for 29.99 USD alone. Time will tell if these exclusive features will be enough to purchase the Amiibo required.

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