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Megaquarium Tips and Tricks to Completing Campaign Mode

As you might know from my previous review of Megaqurium, I have really been enjoying playing this tycoon management game on the Nintendo Switch since its release on October 18th, 2019. There are 10 levels in total for the Campaign Mode which I have recently finished on Normal and feel that there was quite the difficulty spike near the end of the game. If you are also currently playing and struggling with meeting the main goals, here are some helpful tips and tricks I learned to running the perfect Mega Aquarium!

My troubles started at Level 7 as ignoring the talents of your staff and placing whatever you wanted in your tanks just don’t cut it anymore. I’ll be specifically talking about Level 10 because if you can beat that level, you can beat the others even when they throw you a few curveballs. At Level 10 you can finally start your entire layout from scratch which is great but this also means you won’t have access to much and you need to research everything. Your ultimate goal is to reach Rank 12 in order to later receive a Huge tank, and the very demanding and delicate Whale Shark.

How to Not Lose Your Prestige

After the end of every in-game day, you’ll probably notice that your prestige will start decreasing quite a lot. This is because every time a guest leaves your aquarium, they take their points with them. Every gust will give you prestige for your tanks only once so this is another reason to always be keeping things fresh. Keep your eyes peeled at all times for the red prestige symbols as this usually means one or more of your fish in the tanks are stressed or there’s trash on the floor which leads to negative “untidiness” points. Everything can escalate quickly if you don’t take care of the problem as soon as possible so I recommend pausing and saving frequently. Here’s how to keep points from decreasing before you worry about increasing:

  • Put trash bins where you frequently see your guest littering your floors. Better yet, put a lot around your planned routes, by the food and beverages, and near podiums where guests gather. If there are enough bins, they don’t have a reason to litter.
  • When you select a talk for your podiums, be very careful with the ones that earn you prestige because if your guests have heard it a lot, they give you negative points instead.
  • Hide ALL of your equipment as your guests don’t want to see any of it, even through the tanks.
  • Do not put repeat decorations in other tanks as they get bored looking at the same thing more than once. That goes for fish and plants/rocks as well which will be explained below.
Trash bins, food/beverage machines, and benches everywhere!

Planning Out Your Tanks

With rocks and plants you’ll need to cater to your fish’s needs first and foremost so if you’re placing say Plant Lovers, stick to plants only. This way you can save your rocks for another tank that might need a lot of them. Once you’ve chosen the size of your tank, you should place the ones that give you the highest number in small tanks (so you don’t run out of room and still meet the requirement), and place the smaller numbers in bigger tanks since you can put more of them in. Always stick to the same decoration; don’t mix and match. The same goes for fish to a certain extent.


Deciding on Which Fish to Put Together

When you toggle your view for your tanks (the eye symbol), it will give you a percentage on how many guests view the tank and everything in it. You want that percentage to obviously be at 100% to get the most out of it. In order to do that, you not only have to make sure of the basics such as not putting “Bully” and “Wimps” together, but also putting a lot of the same exact fish in the tank.

Fish Visibility

There’s a background percentage in-game regarding visibility for your fish. That magic number is that there’s a 40% chance that your guest can even see the one fish. Every subsequent fish you add (again same one, not a different kind) will give you a 10% your guests will “enjoy” that fish. With that in mind, put 7 of the same fish in your tank to guarantee visibility and to receive the prestige on that fish. This doesn’t apply to the fish that can’t be placed with any fish of the same genus but their visibility percentages are at 60% so they’re still worth it if you have room to fill.

These Fried Egg Jellyfish are for real. They also have to be alone.

Feeders and Types

Above is all in regards to your prestige and not stressing out your fish. What you want to also pay attention to is how fast your staff can feed your fish before they go hungry. This can become a big problem later on the more tanks and fish you have in your aquarium like in Level 10. You’ll want fast staff and easy and clear paths from your food to your tanks but something you may not have already thought of is how many different food bins you need.

The more different types of bins you need, the more your staff have to go back and forth to feed all of the fish. Meaning, when deciding on which fish to house together, you’ll have to take into account what they eat. Example: Unicorn Surgeon fish pair up nicely with certain Angelfish as they both eat Green Pellets. Therefore, try not to have more than 2, maybe 3, food types per tank. Once you have access to an Auto-Feeder at Rank 12, this method will be even more helpful.

Auto-feeders need to be directly attached to your tanks and out of sights.

How to Gain More Prestige

If you’ve followed the steps above, you will at least not be losing any prestige while you try to gain some. All of that and careful layout planning might even be enough. The best layout for your entire aquarium would be to make it circular and in one direction. If there are too many choices for places to walk around, your guests might walk right past some aquariums. This is especially true if you don’t put enough items to address their needs as they will walk toward the nearest facilities and skip everything else along the way.

Sell shark hats, they’re worth a lot and hilarious to look at.

Place a lot of benches or seating items as they tire fairly easily. You’ll also want to place food and beverages along the way near your tanks often enough. Toilets last long so you won’t need as much as the other facilities. Every time your guests use these items when needed, you gain prestige. The gifts may not give you prestige but will earn you much needed money in order to buy everything else so keep everything fully stocked.

A Winning Layout

Other than that, hire staff that have high Fitness for your Gift talents, high Empathy and Precision for your Feeding talents, and high Memory for your Fixing talents. Don’t be shy to hire more than you need to succeed. Hope that helps and don’t forget to enjoy planning and decorating along the way! You can unlock a lot of fun fish the more you gain ranks!

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