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Medium Rare – A Party Game with Cute Dragons

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Medium Rare is couch co-op created by FlareWolf Games, a Canadian indie developer. Although their recent Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful, they are very far along in development and will be able to release the game on Nintendo Switch by winter of 2019. Afterward, they intend to release the game on PC, with other major console platforms to follow. Since dragons are HOT right now, we at myPotatoGames recommend trying out their demo on PC here.

About Medium Rare

Two to four players chase each other around an arena aiming to set fire to each other. Then, once you’re cooked, you change into a tasty chicken (errr… dragon) leg! The winner is the dragon who scores the most points by eating as many chicken legs as possible! Furthermore, each round will take you only a couple of minutes, so the action is fast, easy to learn, and there are ample opportunities for both new players and experienced pros to have fun!

Game Modes

  • Deathmatch mode (pick up and play with your casual and skilled gamer friends)
  • Gauntlet mode (more challenging mode where you compete against your friends through an escalating gauntlet of map hazards!)
  • Challenge mode… complete puzzle levels on your own or with a friend to unlock more characters!
  • Speed mode… race together or on your own through deadly gauntlets relying on your wits, reflexes and fireballs to survive!
  • Hoard mode… you alone or together with a friend blast fireballs at… well… skeletons and zombies, of course!

The Dragons

Vlad, Merlin, Rosa, and Mango are four dragon friends! Their playful behavior is typical for young dragons. They love to chase each other, shoot fireballs, and cook each other into chicken legs to eat! (They’re dragons, don’t judge.) At any rate, dragons are highly magical and therefore, after getting cooked, they quickly reappear in the world to rejoin the fun!

  • Rosa: is a headstrong young dragon. You can literally describe her personality as “fiery!” 
  • Merlin: is Rosa’s big brother. He’s a friendly dragon and his very cool personality caused his skin to turn blue!
  • Vlad: is the bad boy of this dragon bunch. For him, it’s fun chasing Rosa and Merlin around and showing the two younger dragons who’s in charge!
  • Mango: is well… Mango. This kooky, carefree dragon joined up with Rosa, Merlin, and Vlad and very little is known about her or where she comes from… but we’re guessing she’s got a pretty interesting story that will be revealed in time.

If you can’t get enough of dragons right now like us, you can vote for your favorite one in this poll here. Want to play more party games? Mowin’ & Throwin’ will be available on Steam and also the Nintendo Switch next week!



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    Medium Rare – A Party Game with Cute Dragons