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Me – A Tale of Paws and Leaves is an adorable RPG puzzler.

There have been many games coming out lately that help players learn about and deal with the range of emotions that we experience throughout our lives. From the emotional rollercoaster that is a long distance relationship in “A Fold Apart“, to overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles in “Celeste“. The virtual world has truly been going after the heart lately. The same can be said for “Me – A Tale of Paws and Leaves”. This is another wonderful title that gently guides us through the turmoils we face from day to day.

In “Me – A Tale of Paws and Leaves”, you play as a fox named Me, and must explore the land around you with the help of your trusty butterfly, Ani. Ani will be you adorable yet slightly verbose best friend. The game is experienced through memories, seemingly to aid in the idea of overcoming that which looms over us all, a fear of death.

Although tackling some pretty hard hitting and emotional issues, the game never loses its sense of humor. The beautiful graphics also give a sense of peace and wonder as you explore with you overly-wordy partner. Me also has the ability to control the seasons, which adds a nice touch to the varied gameplay. For instance, you will actually have the choice to take a nice swim across a pond in your path, or simply freeze it and stroll right over.

Me – A Tale of Leaves and Paws is currently still in development by indie studio Grown Arts. For up-to-date information about the development of “Me – A Tale Of Paws and Leaves”, be sure to follow them on Twitter by clicking here. For all the information one might need on this charming vulpes title, you can totally check out their website by clicking here!

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