Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has been released more than a year ago and Nintendo is still hard at work adding fun new features for the huge player base to enjoy. Today the big N released one of the biggest Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Updates yet. The latest download of a whooping 150MB adds several new features and even a new kind of fruit.

Blathers has finally arrived in Pocket Camp, and oh boy does he have a surprise for us! The Blathers’s Treasure Trek feature has been added, which essentially has players find treasure maps around the world of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp in order to find and unlock various prizes, such as resources for crafting, Leaf Tickets and so much more! 

Three new fruit trees have been added to the game as well, each player will receive only one of the new fruits, so if you ever need some of the fruits that don’t grow in your town, then you will need to obtain them from your friends – much like Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This should make personal marketplaces a much more meaningful trading place for players. 

Pocket Camp also received a brand new cookie. In anticipation of the sweetest holiday this year, Valentines Day inspired cookie – Poppy’s Cocoa Cookie has been released. It features everything you could possibly need to open your own, tiny, pocket bakery. 

Check out the full update list below, and make sure to check out Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for free on iOS and Android devices. For more Animal Crossing news, take a looksie at our designated Animal Crossing News section for daily news, fun facts and more surrounding the beloved villager series. 

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Update List

  • Added the Blathers’s Treasure Trek feature.
  • Added the Pete’s Parcel Service feature.
  • The garden feature is now easier to use.
  • Maximum friendship levels increased.
  • Added new kinds of fruits.
  • Adjusted campsite-camera controls in the camper and cabin.
    Implemented other bug fixes.
  • Adjusted on-screen display.