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Mario Takes Lego To A Whole New Level

Nintendo has officially revealed its collaboration with Lego in the new interactive Mario Lego toy line.

Leave it to Nintendo to think of new and creative ways to make this versatile character that much more omnipresent. We have already seen so many wonderful toys, movies and video games featuring this famous baddy-bopping mustachioed man. Now, Lego is reinventing their toy line to create an all new experience with the one and only Mario.

Whether you love building things with Lego’s, or grew up playing Mario games, this new set is sure to be a big hit. In the reimagining that Lego has created, individuals will create an entire Mario level using just legos. However, these aren’t your average everyday lego pieces.

LEGO Super Mario

Many of the pieces feature digital screens and interactive capabilities that bring this lego set to life. You will maneuver your LEGO Mario through a level that you have created, and he will interact with the world accordingly. You will hear all the classic sounds and see the effects of your different actions as they happen.

This brings a while new dimension to the Lego universe, and it will be super cool to see what kind of creations fans of both franchises will come up with. It’s like an all new Super Mario Maker, but in the physical world. The new LEGO Super Mario set will release sometime later this year.


Reveal Video

For more information on LEGO Super Mario, be sure to check out the official Lego website.

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  1. At first I thought, this is silly and not what I wanted. And, it’s still not, not really. I wouldn’t collect it. But I’m a middle aged man with different entertainment ideas and connection to my Lego sets. But… and a big one… my kids as 5 and 7 and love my Mario games and my Legos. This is exactly the target audience for this, and as someone who likes Nintendo and Lego, I’ll buy it for them.

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