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Mario Kart Tour Ideas & Predictions!

About a month ago, on January 31st, 2018, Nintendo announced on their Twitter account that Mario Kart will be coming to mobile. Mario Kart Tour will be releasing sometime this fiscal year, which goes all the way until March of 2019. For right now, very little is known about the mobile game other than the fact this it’s going to be free-to-start. It would be nice to have a screenshot or two to go off of to get a better idea what the game will be like, but right off the bat, we don’t think this is going to be a typical Mario Kart game.


Of course we’ll still be riding in go karts as our favorite characters, but a spin-off seems way more likely. There could possibly be a bigger focus on other parts of Mario Kart games like battle mode or time trials. Personally, I’d like a see a game focused all around a mission mode, similar to the one in Mario Kart DS. The mission mode in Mario Kart DS was the first and last time we’ve seen a mode like that in a Mario Kart game. In MKDS, each level had 8 missions and once you beat those, a boss battle would become available. Having boss battles in Mario Kart seemed so awesome back in the day and we’d love to see something similar in Mario Kart Tour.

The missions could be similar to the ones we played in Mario Kart DS. Collect item boxes, beat another player in a race, and of course the boss battle at the end. Expanding upon the idea of mission mode could be to make the missions a little bit more advanced, but keeping the simple and easy ones is a good idea too. What if you beat all of the missions the game has to offer, then what? Well, we think it’s very possible that the game will get some updates here and there, adding new content. Another option Nintendo could go with to keep people playing Mario Kart Tour is to add frequent “mission packs” every month or two. In these mission packs, there’d a whole new set of missions to complete. They could even release special holiday packs with missions having a Christmas or Halloween theme. Also, imagine being able to play Mario Kart Tour with friends online!

We’re excited to see what Mario Kart Tour is all about because there’s still so much we don’t know. Like for example, the controls. How will the game be played? Are we going to be racing in a Grand Prix, completing missions, or maybe something entirely different? Either way, hopefully we find out more information about Mario Kart Tour sooner rather than later!

Go here for more on the Mario Kart Tour announcement. Still enjoying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Check out this awesome MK8D wallpaper sent out by Nintendo!

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