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Marblelous Animals: A Cute Puzzler For Switch

Marblelous Animals is a small but cute puzzle game that releases for the Switch in just 2 days.

I absolutely love to just relax and play puzzle games whenever I have some spare time. Something I can pick up, challenge myself for a few minutes, and continue about my dailies.

It should be a game that doesn’t cost too much, and doesn’t demand too much of my time. This is a pretty apt description of Marblelous Animals, a new puzzle game releasing on the Nintendo Switch on November 22nd.

The game features cute round animals that you must maneuver though different levels that steadily increase in difficulty.

Marblelous Animals

Marblelous Animals features some cute and simple graphics that certainly don’t distract from the basic level designs. The simplicity of the levels really helps with the fact that the game is played with motion controls.

With a price tag of only $4.99, Marblelous Animals is one puzzler that is certainly going into my Switch library. If you would like more information about the game, as well as the chance to secure a copy for yourself, just visit the official Nintendo website. For more fun puzzle action, check out Harvest Moon: Mad Dash.



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