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Maple Leaves And New Limited Time Items Arrive In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Fall is in full swing and maple leaves have started falling with it comes a bunch of new things to explore!

Starting today and for the next ten days you will be able to enjoy the beauty of falling maple Leaves, softly and slowly drifting in the wind. If you played New Horizons during the launch time, you may remember floating cherry blossoms leaves.

Much like the cherry blossoms back in Spring, you will be able to catch maple leaves from November 16th to November 26th in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, if you are located in the northern hemisphere.

You won’t be able to catch these falling leaves but you may still shake trees to get some maple leaves to craft a bunch of adorable new fall DIYs.

When the game first launched in March 2020, there was a lot of excitement for the mushroom DIYs. Many players opted to trade or even time travel in order to obtain these adorable DIYs and craft items from the mushroom collection.


You can currently collect Maple Leaves, Acorns, Pine Cones and even mushrooms – all this makes it a great time to hop back into Animal Crossing New Horizons to make sure you get all your DIYs.

If you are part of the “real time” players you may be excited to here that mushroom DIYs are now here. You can collect these cute little and sometimes very big porous plants around your island. Not only are they cute to look at but they also serve a great purpose.

The mushroom lamp for example is customizable and and can be turned into many different colors, so pretty! You can collect the mushroom DIYs from villagers, balloons and even your daily beach DIY if you are lucky enough!

Harvest Festival

Nintendo already teased the next major event. The Harvest Festival and Holiday event are upon us!


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